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carpet uses:

1: warm, regulating function

The carpet fabric consists mostly of various fiber insulation good performance of fabric, a large area of bedding carpet can reduce indoor heat loss through the ground, blocking the ground cold, make people feel warm and comfortable. Test shows that, in the room with heating in the shop to carpet, thermal value will be increased by about 12% when the carpet is not covered.

The gap between the carpet fabric has good air conditioning function, when the indoor humidity is high, it can absorb moisture; indoor is dry, the moisture in the gap will be released, so that the indoor humidity adjustment balance, a happy and comfortable.

2: sound absorption function

The rich texture and plush carpet surface cluster set good sound-absorbing effect, and can reduce noise. Due to the absorption of the sound of the carpet, reducing the sound of the multiple reflection, thereby improving the listening to the sound clarity, so the indoor sound equipment, such as sound recorder, the music effect is more fullness. In addition, the footsteps of walking in the room will disappear, reducing the surrounding clutter of sound interference, conducive to the formation of a quiet room environment.

3: comfort function

People walking on the hard ground, feet and focus on the ground reaction force, make people feel uncomfortable and fatigue. Bedding carpet, carpet for elastic fibers due to fabric, a plump, thick, soft texture, so walk on it will produce better resilience, a brisk walking, feel soft and comfortable, conducive to the elimination of fatigue and tension.

In the modern living room, due to steel, cement, glass and other building materials in the nature of blunt and cold, so that people pay great attention to how to change them, in order to pursue the sense of touch and vision and comfort. The upholstery of the carpet gives people a warm and important role.

4: aesthetic function

Carpet texture rich, beautiful appearance, the ground can appear dignified richly after laying, obtain excellent decorative effect. Rigid flat ground once a carpet will light up a room, a spirit of joy, give a person a kind of aesthetic feeling.

Carpet in the room space occupied by the larger, decided the tone of the room decoration style. Selection of different patterns, different colors of the carpet, can create a distinctive environment. A large hall solemn warm room, school hall will be quiet and elegant, Home Furnishing houses a cordial and warm, played an important role inthe carpet of these different bedroom atmosphere environment.

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